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About Oakley

Brand Name: Oakley Oakley, Registration: The United States, In 1975, Oakley Was Founded By Jim Jannard. Main Products: Glasses, Sports Shoes, Sportswear, Watches, Travel Bags, Leather Wallets And Hats. Jim Jannard (Jim Jannard) A Unique Pattern Design And New Materials Unobtainium, Enhance The Car When The Player Holding The Handle Feel And Perspiration. This Is Oakley’s First Product. The Product Won The Two Patents, Jannard Innovative Spirit Of Transcendence Founded The Oakley Brand

  • Origin

    Oakley Brand Starting From The Beginning Has Been Adhering To The Innovative Power And Passion, Along With Brand Continued To Move Towards The Lead. In 1975, The Self-Proclaimed “Mad Scientist” Mad Scientist Jim Jannard (Jim Jannard) Limited The Use Of $ 300 On Hand, And Dedication And Unique Idea, Breaking The Existing Rules At The Time Of Dilapidated Garage Laboratory, R & D Occupation Motocross Special Hand Grips. Feeling And Grip Motorcycle Handle Circular Rubber Tube Was No Comfort, Once Stained Water Will Slip, Jim Jannard (Jim Jannard) A Unique Pattern Design And New Materials Unobtainium, The Handle Of The Car To Enhance Player Wicking Capabilities. This Is Oakley’s First Product. The Product Won The Two Patents, Jannard Innovative Spirit Of Transcendence Founded The Oakley Brand.
    Oakley Has 600 Patents, And We Will Continue To Identify Problems And Seek Solutions Artistic Way. This Unique Philosophy Allow Oakley To Become The Most Representative And Most Exclusive Brands On The Market, Oakley’s Innovative Technology Allows World-Class Athletes In Competitive Play Among The Best. Oakley Optics For Outstanding High-Definition High Definition Optics (Hdo) Technology Is Known, This Technique Used, Including In The Field Of Sunglasses, Optical Glasses And Ski Goggles, Etc. Oakley Has Been Developed From The World’s Leading Sports Eyewear Brand To Get Involved In Sports Apparel, Footwear And Accessories For Leading Sports Brands. Oakley’s Products Include Men’s And Women’s Professional Sports Series And Active Lifestyle Series. Oakley Is Luxottica Group (Nyse: Lux; Mta Code: Lux), A Subsidiary.

  • Feature

    Oakley Glasses For Glasses Products Subvert The Concept That It Is The Glasses Comfortable, Practical, Artistic Fusion Of One. Whether The Product Design Or Choice Of Materials, Have Been A Series Of Advanced Scientific Experiments And Testing To Ensure Its Comfort And High Quality, And High Degree Of Integration Function And Fashion.
    Oakley Fashion
    “Simply Put, Oakley Fashion Is The Fascination Of Innovation, Is A Challenge For All The Rules When Burning Passion, Our Enthusiasm For Technology Innovation And Technology Hobby Stringent Precision Requirements Make Oakley Has A Unique Set Of Science, Art, Unyielding From Cultural Challenge Conventional Thinking, And Very Persistent. ”
    Oakley First With Its Most Advanced Sunglasses Series Deputy Prestigious Shows Us This Extraordinary Enthusiasm. Oakley Sunglasses Always In The Science And Technology Leader In The Field, Because The Repeated Use Of High Technology To Enable Them To Go Beyond The Limit, And Is The World’s Leading, Athletes Engaged In Different Projects Trial Tested Under All Possible Circumstances Imaginable.
    “These Athletes Wearing Oakley Sunglasses Are Worthy Of Respect.” Oakley Oakley Think They Are Representative Of The Spirit Of Fashion, And Cited As Proof Of Lance Armstrong.
    Lance Armstrong (Lance Armstrong) Is One Of The World’s Most Famous Cyclist Currently, He Has Been Far From Legendary Fashion Or Talent Can Describe.
    Early In The 1980S He Was An Active Member Of The All-Around Three Athletes. In 1990 He Began His Road Racing Career And Became A Oakley Athletes, A Year Later He Won The Us Amateur Champion. In 1993, He Became The Youngest World Champion In The Road And He Cut A Striking Figure In The Tour De France. In The Following 1996, Lance Was Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer And Then Cancer Cells To Spread To The Lungs, And Later The Invasion Of His Brain, And Lance At His Former Team Has Not Enjoyed The Health Insurance And No Funding Provided Him Economic Support On. In This Case Not Only With The Lance Oakley Oakley Signed A Contract To Hire Him As A Full-Time Staff And Pay For His Health Insurance. Lance Never Give Up, Never Give Up Oakley Reims. Lance Completed The Greatest Recovery, In 1999 Won His First Tour De France. More Than Five Years He Received At Least Five Victories, He Has Surpassed The State After A Serious Illness In The Past, It Has Become One Of The World’s Most Respected Person. He Has Been Using Oakley Technology In The Fierce Competition, Because He Knows Oakley High-Tech And Perfect Design Can Help Him, But Also Know There Is Between Him And The Same Kind Of Silent Oakley Lease.
    “This Is What We Call Fashion, Fashion Is Cool, Young, Comfortable, But Also A Restless Spirit, And Always Adhere To The Road Of Development And Innovation.”
    Each Generation Of Technology, Have Brought Changes In Fashion, To Overturn The Traditional Thinking Of A New Revolution. Oakley Is So Functional, Perfect Fashion With Creative Science And Technology Together. Want To Have Versatility And Their Own Unique Products? Oakley Be Able To Meet All The Requirements, And Beyond Imagination And Creativity Combined With The Initial Goal.

  • Technical Features

  • Oakley (Oakley) Consists Of Jim ?? Jannard Was Established In 1975 In The United States. Its Patented Technology Lenses In Addition To Block 100% Of Uv And Harmful Blue Light Vision, The Clarity More Than The Industry Standard Of The United States Ansi. Oakley Also High Quality Sports Frames With Shatterproof Own Research Reveals A New Series Of Power Lens Sunglasses, In Addition To Tailor-Made According To Face Shape And Comfortable For Long Periods, The Better To Play The Role Of Eye Protection, But Also Because Of The Need The Replacement Of Sunglasses. Selection Of High-Impact Sports Goggles Oakley Patented Material With High Strength, Good Thermal Adjustability, Allergy Of Patent Super-Soft Pads, Can Absorb The Maximum Impact. Oakley Lens Also Uses The Latest Technology To Create An Invisible Waterproof Protective Layer, It Has Three Outstanding Features. Easily Prevent Sweat, Rain, Sunscreen, Skin Oils, Dirt And Dust Adversely Affected. The Lens Is Easy To Clean, And Compared With A Conventional Lens, Can Maintain A Longer Period Of Cleanliness And Higher Water Resistance Demonstrated Clear Coated With A Permanent Waterproof Coating Oakley Lenses How Waterproof The Entire Process.
    It Will Not Remain On The Waterproof Coating. Antifouling Function Can Prevent Skin Contamination Caused By Oil And Other Contaminants. Even Permanent Ink. Anti-Smoke Pollution To Prevent Moisture Buildup. Easily Keep The Lens Clean To Make The World’s Best Optics To The Next Level Then Even The World’s Best Lenses, If The Surface Coated With Water, Oil Or Dust. It Is Difficult To Play Its Due Effect. Because Of This, Especially Developed Oakley Lens Permanently Waterproof Coating To Prevent Detrimental Lens Performance Factors Affect Your Vision, And Disrupt The Competitive Race. This World-Class Optical Technology Has The Following Three Important Functions: Rain And Sweat Will Not Leave Spots And Gloss On The Lens, It Can Prevent The Formation Of Moisture. Therefore. Affect Your Vision. It Will Automatically Flow To The Surface Of The Droplet Slide Down. Easy To Keep The Lens Clean. Skin Oils, Fingerprints And Lotions Easy To Clean, Prevents Oil. Without Leaving Residue. Therefore, You Will Not See That Kind Of Fuzzy Picture Like Ordinary Lenses. Like A Magnet As The Adsorption Particles In The Air. The Water-Repellent Lens Coating Oakley With The Elimination Of Electrostatic Charge, Which Prevents Dirt, Dust And Other Particles Stick To The Lenses. Ordinary Lens With An Electrostatic Charge. Thus, Particles In The Air Are Not Adsorbed On The Surface Of The Lens.
    Since Oakley Lenses Have These Advantages When The Activity, The Athletes Can Give Full Play To Their Exercise Levels. So The World’s Leading Athletes To Use Oakley Products To Protect Their Eyes Proud.