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Why Scratch?

Why Choose Scratch?

Why Scratch? Because they are:

  • Golf-specific – designed for the job
  • Versatile (interchangeable lenses)
  • Stylish
  • Extremely tough
  • Tremendous value-for-money

The Frames

The Scratch range of golf sunglasses feature tough polycarbonate and TR90 frames. Both materials offer great protection against stray golf balls – TR90 is an especially strong, plastic-based material that’s almost unbreakable under normal conditions.

Unlike cheap polycarbonate sunglasses, our Scratch frames are designed to flex, making them fit comfortably for most people. Whether your face is fat, thin, long or short, Scratch sunglasses offer comfort throughout the round.
The addition or rubber nose-pieces, and rubber side-extension arms / side-arm inserts ensures maximum comfort for your temples and ears, too.

The Lenses

The three lenses provided with each pair of Scratch golf sunglasses are as follows:

  • Category 1 (yellow). These remarkable lenses actually enhance light, making them perfect for use on cloudy, dull days or for those early morning starts / late finishes.
  • Category 2 (beige, polarised). A good all-rounder, useful in partial sunshine and fairly bright conditions. The polarised filter greatly reduces glare, which is caused by the sun’s rays bouncing off horizontal surfaces.
  • Category 3 (green, mirror-coated). Perfect for sunny conditions, the green filter allows for greater definition between a white ball and the background. It will also help you to judge the tee to flag distance.

All lenses have an anti-scratch coating, and are ‘de-centred’, which means they are optically calibrated to nullify the potentially distorting effects of having a curved, wrap-around lens in front of your eyeline.

Our Ace sunglasses have the added features of adjustable nose pieces and vented lenses, which greatly reduce the build-up of sweat around the eyeline.