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Golf Sunglasses – Why The Green Lenses, Then?


When you are peering down the fairway, trying to read the terrain or maybe even spot the ball you just thwacked somewhere into the blue yonder, the chances of clarity depend on a number of factors. Firstly, it can be reliant on how good your eyes are; secondly, it depends on the quality of the light you are playing in and thirdly, it can depend on the sunglasses you are wearing – or whether you are wearing them at all!

Let’s presume you are taking the sensible option of wearing sunglasses. Provided they cut through blue light, which most do to varying degrees, your ability to see what’s ahead will definitely improve. The point is though, not all lenses will give you the same results and maximising your eyesight is highly dependent on having not only the right colour tint, but also the correct levels of translucence for the conditions.

Okay, maybe I need to break that down a bit further to explain how this works. First of all, let’s take a look at translucence. This literally means the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the lenses; on a dull day, you want more light than on a bright day, where you want to reduce it considerably. To make it easier to understand which lenses do what, there is an industry standard set of ‘categories’ that help you make your decision, and they are as follows:

  • Category 0 – allows the most light through, perfect on dull days
  • Category 1 – also allows a lot of light through when the light isn’t good
  • Category 2 – ideal on changeable or hazy days, and winter sun – allows more light through than a standard dark sunglasses lens
  • Category 3 – the most common sunglasses lens. Ideal for regular sunshine
  • Category 4 – useful when the sun is extremely bright, particularly in countries like Australia, and the southern states of the USA etc.

Moving on to colours, the tint you require can depend on what you are actually looking at. Tests have proven that for green-field sports like golf, and most especially when you have a white ball, green is the perfect tint. It cuts out the curtain of blue light and makes it far easier to see the definition of objects and terrain on a fairway or green. For that reason, Rapid Eyewear’s Scratch Golf range of sunglasses is supplied with a green category 3 lens as standard – the good news is, we are also now switching our green lenses to polarised as standard, thereby reducing more glare (caused by the sun bouncing off horizontal surfaces).

All well and good, but what about when it isn’t sunny? Instead of putting the sunglasses away, all you need to do is swap the lenses for either the category 2 polarised, or category 0, depending on the light conditions. It is the ability to do this that really makes Rapid Eyewear golf sunglasses stand out from the rest. Even our Pro X Prescription sunglasses give you the interchangeables – can’t be bad, eh?

*The photographs shows the Rapid Eyewear Scratch Fore sunglasses. Everything you see is supplied as standard, for under £50 – outstanding value for money.


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